Routine to pump shoulders at home

One of my biggest training challenges has been developing my deltoids. They are my weak point, without a doubt, and besides not being exceptionally strong, they have the problem that I lack mobility. This sum of factors resulted in me having to do a specialization to improve my power in the shoulders. And that’s where this routine was born to pump shoulders at home.

The first thing I thought when designing this routine to pump shoulders at home is that I had to focus on basic exercises that would help me grow. They are the central axis for your deltoid muscles to gain strength and muscle growth, so I decided to focus on their direct stimulation.

The results? Very, very positive, but it was a pretty hard workout. As I know myself well, and I know that I respond well to the frequency of training when I don’t work very hard, I did this routine 2-3 times a week. It may seem like a huge frequency, and it is indeed a beastly amount of days of shoulder training, but my body adapted very well to this method.

As I am aware that my body does not work the same as that of other people, I would recommend that you work 1 day a week. And that from the third, we raise the number of training days per week that takes place.

That is, from the third week a second can be included, and from the sixth or seventh a third if we see that our body is responding. But attentive, it is important that we evaluate how we respond to the work incorporated.

Principles of the routine to pump shoulders at home

4 sets, 10, 8, 6, 6 dumbbell military press repetitions

4 sets, 12-15 repetitions dumbbell side lifts

3 sets, 20, 15, 10, 10 repetitions of front elevations with dumbbell (alternating by the arm)

4 sets of 15 repetitions of rowing sumo to the chin with a dumbbell

3 sets of 8-12 dumbbell birds repetitions

The secret is to keep the rest times cut. Do not rest more than 45 seconds per set of exercises, so the weight handled will not be the most important variable. The weight will be the one that makes it difficult for us to lift for repetitions, series and rest performed.

Thanks to this routine to pump shoulders at home, you can improve significantly.

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