Foods to increase muscle mass

When putting together a diet or nutritional plan, we must take into account the activities we do during the week, as they are a key factor in defining what we have to include. If you do a lot of sport, a diet to increase muscle mass is perfect for you.

For those who do not intend to build muscle, eating protein foods is also beneficial because they have many benefits to have a healthy organism.

Foods to increase muscle mass

1. Spinach

The spinach is a perfect vegetable protein to provide the body. Its high glutamine content helps our body to have more energy, strengthen our muscles and boost the immune system. It also helps improve cognitive functions, such as memory. There are many recipes with spinach that you can make very easily. It is a food that will help you have more resistance and increase muscle mass noticeably. You can eat it in a salad with carrots, nuts and fresh cheese.

2. Skim milk

Milk and its derivatives are a valuable source of animal protein. I always chose those dairy products that are skim. The night is the best time to consume these foods, as it helps the muscles relax and also sleep better.

You can try cottage cheese, very similar to cream cheese, which helps build more muscle.

3. Egg

The egg is considered one of the most complete foods, as it contains many nutrients and a good balance of the amino acids present in its proteins. The latter is found in the white, while all the fat accumulates in the yolk. In addition, there is a novel diet, called the egg diet, which brings exciting benefits to our body if you want to develop muscle mass.

4. Red meat

Another food that provides a large amount of protein is red meat. Vitamin B, zinc, iron and essential amino acids are some of the nutritional contributions of this type of meat.

Be sure to choose the least fatty type, such as beef, not to affect cholesterol. Similarly, nutritionists always stress the importance of incorporating varied meats, such as chicken, because they contain less fat.

5. Chicken

One of the most protein white meats is chicken. With this type of food, you will not only gain muscle mass but also avoid all the saturated fats that occur in red meat.

You will get 30 grams of protein per 100 grams of chicken. Remember that the ideal is to eat it grilled or baked.

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