5 reasons why you think of food 24 hours a day

If you are one of those people who think about food throughout the day, it could be due to these five reasons related to your emotions.

Food is a basic and vital necessity to be able to live. It is even stipulated among fundamental human rights. But, what is not so normal is to spend 24 hours a day thinking about food and even eating everything you can.

This obsessive link with food can lead people to a situation of dependency, in which they even get to ask “why can’t I stop eating?”, The reasons can be several, and here we list the most common ones.

1. Emotional hunger

It is the most frequent cause. It is an irrational appetite that is activated with some particular moods. Therefore it has nothing to do with a physical need. Emotional hunger arises as a mechanism of escape from some situations or sensations that produce a feeling of anguish or high levels of stress.

2. Eat involuntarily

When a person as involuntarily, is not fully aware of the irrational behavior he is maintaining. Eating in a messy way, regardless of the time of day and varying amounts of food. When a person has a busy day, he probably eats less, but if he has the day off, it is possible to reach excesses without realizing it.

3. Match the food with pleasure

Some people can see food as a source of pleasure, so regardless of feeling satisfied or not, they seek to have something to eat frequently, to feel that it satisfies their desire. Therefore, it is only about obtaining satisfaction and not satisfying physiological hunger.

4. Little tolerance of frustration

Having a low tolerance for frustration results in the search for satisfaction through food. As there are some situations that the subject does not control and the results can cause frustration if he seeks to feel better at something than he can “control” the food.

5. Body dysmorphia

This disorder is characterized by people suffering from excessive and irrational hatred towards their own body and tends desperately to look for ways to change it. Which is more frequent in women. When this disorder occurs, some people eat to change the shape of their bodies. Therefore they eat food compulsively in order to gain weight.

Always try to have a balanced diet in 3 to 5 potions per day, and don’t forget to do it at a specific time and never skip meals.

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